How To Wear NYFW Trends to Work

New York Fashion Week is the definition of a whirlwind week - it came and caused a huge commotion all over the city and then, before you know it, it was over. In its wake, however, was left an undeniable shift in fashion that will be seen for months if not years in the future.

Being overly fashion-forward and runway-inspired can be a bit cliche or unorthodox in some offices, but thankfully there were enough wearable trends this season that can be worn in any work environment, and better yet can easily transition from day to night looks.


Accessories have been making a comeback in a major way through the last few seasons. Chunky gold jewelry, big headbands, and now tons of bling are having a major moment. See below for some easy ways to incorporate the hottest trends into your work wardrobe.


Updated takes on classic silhouettes had a moment this season, like updated motorcycle jackets and elevated trench coats. These are great additions to any work wardrobe because they are versatile enough to make it from day to night, and also have more longevity than other trends.

Teeny Tiny Handbags, Giant Sunglasses

This season saw more versions of the teeny tiny handbags that Jacquemus made so popular last season, but in an unexpected twist, the briefly-popular mini sunglasses style seemed to end. In our opinion, goodbye and good riddance to the unflattering shades, and hello to more small purses. While neither will be a workwear staple, they will be sure to give some extra flair to your grand entrance and fashionable exit from the office.

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