Look Effortlessly Chic While Beating the Heat This Summer

You may have noticed the recent uptick in influencer trips and vacations -- it seems like all of  Instagram is flooded with pictures of various “it girls” on exotic beaches overseas. It’s normal to wonder how they are able to look so effortlessly chic, yet not have a drop of sweat on them despite all of the layers of accessories and intricate outfits. After comparing multiple influencers’ profiles, several trends seemed to pop up continually and many were ingenious yet simple hacks that allow you to wear what you want without sacrificing your comfort, no matter the weather. Keep reading to see which tried-and-true tricks to stay cool have been making the most appearances on our feeds this summer.


Ever since Jacquemus unveiled his La Bomba hat last summer, hats have been having a major moment. While the oversized straw hat was the epitome of chic last year, a smaller, more approachable version has taken over as this summer’s must-have accessory. We like Nimi Blackwell’s (@nimiblackwell) take on the smaller straw statement hat to keep us cool this summer. 

Check out Nimi’s full post here.

Breathable natural fabrics

Summer is the perfect time to reevaluate your wardrobe, and purge any garments or accessories from your closet that are uncomfortable or stiflingly hot. The best way to be able to wear what you want without sacrificing your comfort is to wear garments constructed from materials that don’t trap your body heat. 

Natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, have high air-permeability; a fancy way of saying these fabrics let air flow into and out of the fabric easily, which keeps the skin cool and free of moisture. Carin Olsson’s (@parisinfourmonths) look, shown below, demonstrates just how chic linen dresses can look in the summer. Plus, they’re better for the environment than man-made fabrics like polyester or nylon, so it’s a win-win! 

Love Carin’s look? Check out her full post  here .

Love Carin’s look? Check out her full post here.

Loose layers

Even though the popular myth that white clothing deflects heat better than other colors was debunked years ago, wearing lighter, looser garments during the summer months is a strategy that has withstood the test of time. In Aylin Koenig’s (@aylin_koenig) below look, moisture and heat are whisked off of the skin by the looseness of the material, and the skin is kept from direct sun-exposure, resulting in a chic yet comfortably cool summer look.

If you love Aylin’s look as much as we do, click  here  to check out her full post.

If you love Aylin’s look as much as we do, click here to check out her full post.

Dressing for the weather

Regardless of how hot it is, the best pro-tip we have for being comfortable while traveling is making sure you dress for the weather. Before a big trip, search the forecasted weather of your destination in the Thread Weather app to help you better plan your outfits and make packing a breeze!

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